SportsEngine Registration: Michigan Amateur Hockey Association

2021 - 22 Michigan Registration Player Out of District Form


Welcome to the Michigan Resident Player Out of District Form

Michigan resident players of any age classification are permitted to play for an Association/Club that has the rink closest to their residence, based on Google Maps point to point distance, and will not be counted as an Out of District player if it is beyond District Boundaries.  Player residence documentation must be provided at the time of team registration with MAHA/USA Hockey.

Directions on how to use Point to Point

You will need to use a computer as it will help facilitate calculating the distance using point to point.  

  1. Go to and enter your home address as the first address.  
  2. Click directions, then add the address of your current association's arena.
  3. Click on one of the orange pins to make the all the routes except for 1 disappear.  
  4. Right click on the orange pin and then click on Measure Distance.
  5. Go to the 2nd address and click on the pin and it will show you the exact distance between the 2.  You will need this number for the form.
  6. Right click on the measurement and go to clear measurement.  
  7. Change the arena address to the new association's arena address and repeat steps 3 - 5.   


Please direct questions to:

Joe Barone