Michigan Amateur Hockey Association

2022 - 2023 MAHA Residency Confirmation Form



MAHA Out of State Player Requirements

Per the MAHA Pilot Program Out of State Player Requirements approved on March 15, 2022:
•    Tier I organizations are limited in the number of non-Michigan (out of state) players per organization.  
•    Non-Michigan players will be defined as players who were rostered with USA Hockey outside of Michigan during their first regular season of play after the 8U age classification.
•    Once a player is considered/determined to be an out of state player, that player will be considered an out of state player no matter how long they play in Michigan.
•    A player whose entire family has moved to and become residents of the state of Michigan for reasons other than to play hockey, may apply for acceptance as a Michigan resident player.  The Executive Board which will review the provided documents and have the final approval.  


Please direct questions to:

Joe Barone