Michigan Amateur Hockey Association

Video Review Policy for Supplemental Discipline


Video Review Policy for Supplemental Discipline

The Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA) is committed to ensuring the safety of participants at all ages and skill levels. With the increasing availability of video provided by rink-based programs and partners, and parent or club affiliated resources, we have developed this policy to utilize video review specifically as a means of determining whether an on-ice action caught on video, but not penalized by officials, is deserving of a formal review process for potential supplemental discipline. 

MAHA will NOT use video review for the purpose of changing any on ice call.


Video submitted for potential review by MAHA, will only be accepted/considered if presented by a member Association or Club. (No individual or parent submissions will be accepted.) The following process shall be followed:

Upon review by the Association or Club leadership, and determination that a request for further action is requested, the Association’s President or Club’s Manager must complete the “Video Review Request” form.  

Completed form must be sent to VPOfficials@MAHA.org. Form must be submitted with a $100 payment. (If the video is accepted and supplemental discipline is assessed, the payment  will be returned. If the video does NOT result in a hearing to determine additional discipline, the $100 payment will be considered a fine to the organization that submitted the video.)

Upon receipt, the Vice President of Officials will review and determine if the actions shown on video warrants further review. 

If further review is deemed warranted, a review process will be undertaken by a Video Review Committee (the “VR Committee). Video Review Committee consists of VP of Officials, District Referee in Chief of affected district and a District Director of the affected District.

The Video Review Committee will make a recommendation to the MAHA Executive Vice President who will make the final determination on conducting a supplemental discipline hearing and assign it to the proper District who will conduct the hearing. 

Supplemental Discipline will not be imposed unless and until a hearing has been conducted with the player, coach or parent that is the subject of the request. 

Discipline administered by MAHA will be imposed immediately and the subject of supplemental discipline will retain all appeal rights as provided for in the MAHA Guidebook and USA Hockey Bylaw 10. (Any discipline assessed will not be delayed while an appeal is in process.)



Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Judy Niemi