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2019 - 2020 Canadian Tournament Travel Permit


Canadian Tournament Travel Permit Application

Any team participating in Canadian Tournaments must complete the Canadian Tournament Application form together with a  $25.00 application fee.  This must be completed prior to your departure or your USA Hockey insurance will not follow you to Canada and you will be turned away by the Canadian Tournament Director as it will compromize the Canadian teams as well.  When entering tournaments in Canada, we recommend that you ask the Tournament Director if the tournament is a sanctioned  Hockey Canada tournament.  (yes there are some non-sanctioned groups in Canada)

You must submitt your application at least (1) one week in advance to ensure time for approval prior to the tournament.

When you apply for a Canadian Tournament permit you will need the following:

  1. All the pertinent information for where and when you will be playing in Canada
  2. Your USA Hockey Team Number
  3. The $25 application fee will be collected at the end of the application process.

NOTE: Those applying for early September tournaments, you will need to supply us you roster number once you have it after August 15, before we can approve your permit.


Please direct any questions to:

Bob Yohe


Phone: (906) 485-1605